Thinking About Relocating to Michigan? Here’s What You Need to Know.

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Relocating to Michigan

Located in the center of the Great Lakes, Michigan is divided into two land masses known as the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. The Mackinac Bridge, which connects Michigan’s upper peninsula to the rest of the state, spans five miles and is one of the world’s longest suspension bridges. Detroit, the state’s largest city, is the home of the American auto industry and is the birthplace of Motown Records. 

Many celebrities were born in Michigan, too. Tom Sellek, Magic Johnson, Bob Seger, Kristen Bell and Madonna, to name a few. 

While the Wolverine State certainly has a lot of history and many, many stories to tell, it’s what’s happening today that creates memories for years to come. 

Did you know that Michigan is home to more than seven hundred family-run apple orchards? We grow cherries, grapes and blueberries, too. Fresh produce is readily available and farmer’s markets are abundant three out of four seasons of the year. Fall is the perfect time for homemade donuts, pumpkin patches, hot apple cider and hay rides; a memorable tradition for tens of thousands of families. Don’t forget about our homemade maple syrup, too, you will find it to be an absolute delight! 

During the warmer weather, you can visit hundreds of beautiful beaches and soak up the sun while grilling and watching the kids play on the playground. Grab a friend and do some kayaking, play beach volleyball, you name it! If you’re looking for crystal clear water like you’ll find in the Caribbean, head to Torch Lake – you won’t regret it! 

Want to take a lighthouse tour? There are more than 120! Wherever you find yourself, it’s easy to enjoy and admire the sheer size and beauty of the Great Lakes. Check out these 9 Staycation Ideas that are sure to help you explore every corner of the state!

If hunting is your cup of tea then you will have a very good experience living in Michigan! Licences are available for small game, turkeys, deer, bears, elk and waterfowl. You can discover new places, explore and hunt Michigan’s diverse wildlife and the forests, woods and wetlands they live in. 

Let’s not forget about fishing! With more than 10,000 lakes and ponds in Michigan, the fish are aplenty! From small bass to massive sturgeon, you can’t go wrong! 

Are you an adventure lover? Thousands of ORV trails will keep enthusiasts busy for hours! Riding through the deep woods with trees only inches apart, it’s one of the best ways to explore Michigan in all its glory. Didn’t think you could go sledding in the summer? Wrong! Check out more than 300,000 acres of beautiful dunes! Sled down the sand, hike, play, relax, swim… you name it, you can do it!  With over 100 state campground sites, it is an adventurous dream state. After a day of fun, enjoy a peaceful evening in your tent or backyard watching the fireflies dance! 

In the winter months, it’s cold… like really cold. You swap your hiking boots for skis, you switch to ice fishing, and if you are willing to make the drive, head north and you may see the Northern Lights, which is an experience unlike any other. 

Park your ATVs and dirtbikes and bundle up for snowmobiling on one of the 6,500 groomed snowmobile trails that stretch from the Keweenaw Peninsula all the way down to Michigan’s southern border, there is plenty of opportunity for a snowmobile adventure. Along the way you can speed across frozen lakes (be sure to check conditions first), wind through deep forests and stop in snowmobile-friendly communities for a hot meal and a warm-up. 

The bottom line is this – if you’re looking for an affordable, gorgeous, adventure-filled state full of friendly people, rich history and growth potential – Michigan is for you. 

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