9 Things to See in Michigan While On Staycation

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Michigan = Home. The massive green trees, lakeshore around every corner, the rolling hills, we have it all. With safer orders and less long distance travel, Staycations are top of mind for many. But where do you go? We listed 9 of our favorite stops and roadside attractions from across the state..

1. Mission Point Lighthouse – Mission Point Light is a lighthouse located at the end of Old Mission Point, the peninsula jutting into Grand Traverse Bay north of Traverse City. When the lighthouse was built in 1870, it was an exact copy of the Mama Juda Light, which was built on the Detroit River in 1866. Standing here, you’re standing on the 45th parallel which means you are halfway between the North Pole and the Equator

2. Leelanau Peninsula – 27 unique wine destinations are closely located along a breathtaking shoreline and the renowned M-22 drive. Family friendly destinations include public beaches and playgrounds, museums and more.

3. World’s Tallest Weathervane – In Montague, 48-feet tall, it still functions as the tallest Weathernane in the world. Honoring the schooner Ellenwood that transported lumber products from Michigan to Illinois and Wisconsin. On her final voyage she headed into Lake Michigan from the White River bound for Milwaukee with a load of timber. As she approached her destination a tremendous storm blew in and she was driven onto the rocks where the ship was destroyed. About a year later, a nameplate washed up on the shore of White Lake in Montague.  It was the nameplate from the ship, Ellenwood. It had made it back to home port and now sits on display at city hall.

4. Huron-Manistee National Forest – Spread all across the state, the Huron-Manistee National Forest is a vacation destination all in itself. With ORV trails, lakes, hiking, sandy beaches, hidden cabins and trees surrounding you, there is an incredible amount of fun to be found in the forest!

5. Cherry Point Farm and Market Lavender Labyrinth – Visit between mid-July and early August to catch the lavender labyrinth in full bloom. Cherry Point Farm and Market has produce grown on site, freshly-baked pies, breads, and pastries with apples, pears, peaches, and cherries from the trees that surround the labyrinth.


6. Joe Louis Boxing Arm in Detroit – As an honor to Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis (AKA The Brown Bomber), a giant fist monument was installed in 1987. The 24-foot arm-and-fist is suspended 24 feet above the ground inside of a bronze pyramid and was a gift to the city of Detroit from Sports Illustrated, which paid $350,000 for its design and construction. It was placed at the intersection of Jefferson and Woodward so that people would drive and walk around it, right in the center of the city.


7. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – Pictured Rocks, America’s first national lakeshore, overlooks Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. On the lakeshore there are 100 miles of hiking trails where you will see everything from spring wildflowers to colorful fall foliage and stunning ice formations, depending on the season.

8. Oswald’s Bear Ranch – The country’s largest Bear Ranch boasting 40 roaming bears, just north of Newberry in the Upper Peninsula. Here, you will see 40 American Black Bears in their unique and natural habitats.


9. Uniroyal Giant Tire – Located in Allen Park stands an 80 foot high, 12 ton wheel. It doubled as a Ferris wheel that was built for the 1964 New York World’s Fair during the height of America’s love affair with the car. The giant Uniroyal Tire held 24 gondolas each carrying four people around the tire, all powered by a 100 hp motor. The interior of the tire is some 120,576 feet and were the tire to actually fit on a car, the car would be over 200 feet high.

As you venture out, stay safe and stay adventurous!

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