Buying A Home: The Boeve Way, The Only Way

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We have specialized in finding perfect homes and negotiating the best price, headache and hassle free, for a combined over 40 years. The Boeve Properties Team Brokerage model provides you with a buyer-specialists that spend 100% of their time helping buyers, listing specialists who are constantly meeting with homeowners thinking of selling and a marketing team that is constantly marketing to homeowners to bring more homes to you the buyer.

Team Brokerage Model VS. Solo Agents Has Numerous Benefits to You

1. The solo agent is allowed to be a dual agent, per Real Estate Law. Dual agency allows a solo agent to represent the buyer and seller, on the same transaction. This is like the plaintiff and defendant in a court case having the same attorney. Dual agency, unfortunately, moves fiduciary from seller and buyer, to the solo agent’s wallet. Your buyer specialists will never represent a seller and will always look out for your best interest in negotiations. Dual agency, by the way, is illegal in 8 States!

2. You receive a team of specialists working hard for you VS. one person trying to do

everything. Think of it this way, a restaurant with only one person working, cannot provide the expertise and experience that a team of Waitress/Waiter, Chef, Bartender, Manager, Host/Hostess, all trained in their area of expertise. Well, neither can a solo agent. Our team members are personality tested, to ensure they are in the right role. They’re trained and mentored in their area of expertise and held to an industry high standard.

3. Homes coming for sale. When you hire a buyer specialist from Boeve Properties you will be

connected to an ever growing list of homes that should be coming for sale. Our listing specialists are meeting with numerous homes owners, each and every week, who are thinking about selling. When you hire us, many times you will find your dream home from this list before the home officially comes for sale! 

4. HFS: Home Finder Service. Boeve Properties HFS is a Direct-Real Time connection, including phone APP, to homes the minute they are listed for sale. With exclusive access to this easy-to-use APP right on your mobile device, you can search and favorite your properties. The opportunity to leave notes on what you love or don’t like gives you the tools you need to know at first glance if that’s a property you want to continue to explore. No longer do you have to be annoyed by many other Realtors calling you because you had a quick question on a home you saw on Zillow, or the information on Zillow is inaccurate, because the home is already sold because you were notified a day, or 2, after the home came for sale, due to internet feed delays to Zillow. Our HFS gives you real time updates the minute a home comes for sale. Easy to use with current and accurate information. You’re going to love it!

5. Love it or List it Guarantee. If you do not absolutely love the home we helped you purchase, we will sell it for you for FREE! Your happiness is our number one goal. If, in the first 12 months of living in your new home you decide you do not love it, call us right away and we will sell it for you completely FREE of charge.

6. Satisfaction and Communication Guarantee. We put in writing, that if you are not completely satisfied with our service and/or we do not communicate with real time updates of homes coming for sale, you have the right to end your buyer contract and choose to purchase a home with any other Realtor. We feel it’s important to give you 100% control of the contract and relationship.

7. Reviews. We have over 300, 5 Star reviews, from very happy clients! Reviews are the proof to you that we take this very seriously and do everything we can to not only find you the perfect home at the best price, but also ensure you have enjoyed the journey so much, that you will want to tell a friend about it!

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