Top 9 Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle Before the End of Summer

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Top 9 Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle Before the End of Summer-1

With many of us home more than usual this summer, we’ve been taking on a lot of new projects. In case you haven’t done these already, here are 9 more projects to keep your house in tip-top shape!

1. Fire/carbon dioxide detectors! Make sure your batteries are new and make sure they are all operational. Keeping your family safe should always be a priority when you are trying to manage the maintenance of your home.

2. Clean out those gutters! Gutters are full of leaves and get clogged creating water to sit. Replace gutters that are bent or broken and keep the drainage from spring showers running off the house.

3. Sprinklers. Make sure you are not wasting water and that all your sprinkler heads are working, on schedule with what your community has agreed on. Water in the morning or evening to save on water and get your lawn and landscaping looking sharp.

4. Get the kids involved! Younger ones can mulch, pull weeds and garden while older ones may be able to help paint the shutters and spray down the house and walkways. 

5. Air Conditioning — get that unit up to par. New filters, and inspection if needed to get those issues resolved so you don’t end up in a heatwave with no cooling system, or a huge eclectic bill because it is running too much. A tune-up is never a bad idea.

6. Have some fun! Paint the house, add a new backsplash in the kitchen, change the decor  – whichever it is, you have probably been looking at the house wanting to make a change, this is the time to do it.

7. Powerwash the house. Get all the spiders webs, dirt, and debris off and the driveway, deck, and porch. Outdoor spiders serve a great purpose but you do not need them above your front door in giant webs. 

8. Wood deck? This is the time of year to get it and do any staining or sealant. This is also important if you have rental properties to maintain their value.

9. Exterior Windows — Now is the time that you can get the spot on the other side of the glass that has been bothering you all winter. Get the kids involved in this as well. What kid doesn’t like playing in soap and bubbles?

Summer is coming to an end soon enough but that warm Michigan sun will stick around for a while longer – if you’re wondering what your home is worth, give us a call

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