Selling A Home: The Boeve Way, The Only Way

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At Boeve Properties, we have specialized in selling homes for top dollar, headache and hassle free for a combined over 40 years. Our team brokerage model, concierge department and marketing strategies , like our “Coming Soon Campaign” and “Predictive Market Analysis” are the best in the industry. Our combined experience of selling homes for top dollar, tells us that your home’s value is what you’re willing to sell it for, and a buyer is willing to pay. We partner with you, the homeowner in evaluating the market information together and both agree upon what is the best price to ask for your home.

Team Brokerage Model: Our Model VS. Solo Agents has numerous benefits to you!

1. The solo agent is allowed to be a dual agent, per Real Estate Law. Dual agency says a solo agent can represent the buyer and seller, on the same transaction. This is like the plaintiff and defendant in a court case having the same attorney. Experience has proven, dual agency moves fiduciary from seller and buyer to the solo agent’s wallet. Your listing specialists will never represent a buyer and will always look out for your best interest in negotiations.

2. You receive a team of specialists working hard for you VS. one person trying to do everything. A nice Restaurant with only one person working, cannot provide the expertise and experience that a team of Waitress/Waiter, Chef, Bartender, Manager, Host/Hostess, all trained in their area can provide. Neither can a solo agent. Our team members are personality tested, to ensure they are in the right role. They’re trained and mentored and held to an industry high standard.

3. Our Concierge department answers all inquiries about your home, Mon-Sat 9am to 8pm and Sunday 11-7. This ensures our team, who knows your home, intimately is talking with interested parties VS. a solo agent, who has not been in your home and just paid to have a lead sent to them from Zillow and many of the other platforms. This is another reason we are able to get you top dollar for your home.

4. Coming Soon Campaign Overview: We put your home for sale, typically on a Monday and do not allow any showings until the weekend, at the open houses. This strategy builds much excitement, urgency, scarcity and an auction effect at the open houses. 78% of the homes we market sell that first weekend, usually with multiple offers.

5. Predictive Market Analysis: PMA is a high-tech platform we subscribe to that takes historical data and predicts what homes will come for sale and sell over the next 3 months, that are comparable to yours in area, price and size. Looking into the future is a real help in making sure we get top dollar for your home. Learn more about a PMA here.

Example: A listing specialist with Boeve Properties sold 4141 32nd St. (Dorr) for $345,000. On April 11, 2018, the buyer’s appraisal was completed and came in at $300,000. The listing specialist appealed the appraisal, as being inaccurate and requested another appraisal. On April 27, 2018, the second appraisal was completed and came in at $348,000. We not only specialize in selling homes for top dollar, we also make sure you get to a closing with that top dollar.

Example: A listing specialist with Boeve Properties sold 7345 Valhalla Dr. (Hudsonville) for $469,900, full asking price in just 10 days, on May 26, 2017. On March 29, 2019, with home values continuing to appreciate, this same home sold for $430,000 (after being for sale for 165 days) with a solo Real Estate agent, who may have been a fee discounter. A discount fee solo agent does not equal you, the seller, putting more money in your pocket.

6. Guarantees: Satisfaction and Communication. We put in writing, that if you are not completely satisfied and/or we do not communicate with you with real time updates, you have the right to end our contract and sell your home with another Realtor. We feel it’s important to give you complete control of the contract!

7. Reviews: We have over 300, 5 Star reviews, from very happy clients. Reviews are the proof to you that we take this very seriously and do everything we can to not only get you top dollar for your home, but also ensure that you enjoy the journey so much that you will want to tell a friend about it!

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