How to Find your Perfect Grand Haven Home Before it even comes for Sale

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Finding your perfect Grand Haven home is a process that takes time and patience. You can’t just go looking at random houses—you need to do your research first. But how exactly do you find the right place? Our experts have some great tips on spotting off-market properties before they hit the market, but here’s what else you should know:

Look in a specific neighborhood.

  • Look in a specific neighborhood.
  • Look in a specific area.
  • Look in a specific street.
  • Look in a specific street number.
  • Look in a specific house number.

If you’re looking for something with some history and character, try looking for properties that are on the National Register of Historic Places—these can often be found on websites like [this one](

When you’re not looking for real estate, that’s when the best deals pop up.

In the real estate world, there are two types of sales: on market and off market.

On-market sales are those listings that you can find online and in print media outlets. They’re also the ones that get reported to the public through listing websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Off-market sales exist in spite of these listings — they aren’t visible until they’ve already been sold by their listing agent (who is not currently trying to sell them) or by some other means (which we’ll get into soon).

Off-market transactions are oftentimes better deals than what’s listed on Zillow; so why is it worth your time? Because when you’re not looking for real estate, that’s when the best deals pop up!

Make sure the agent is familiar with off-market properties.

  • Off market properties are not listed for sale, but are available to buy through a broker. If you find yourself interested in a home that doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere, it’s worth checking with your agent to see if it could be an off market property.
  • Off market properties can be sold for less than similar, on-market homes. If a seller wants to sell their house quickly but doesn’t want to pay the cost of marketing their property on the open market, they may opt for an off-market sale instead. This means that there’s more room for negotiation and lower prices overall!
  • A good place to find off market brokers is through your real estate agent—they may know someone who specializes in this type of listing and can refer you right away!

Network in the Grand Haven community.

While it’s important to keep your eyes on the listings, you should also use active listening to find out about homes in your area that haven’t hit the market yet. Get to know the real estate agents in the area. You can do this by asking them if they know of any homes that are coming up for sale, or by becoming a client yourself and talking with them during inspections of homes you’re interested in buying. Your friends and family may also be able to tell you about properties that aren’t listed yet because they were told by neighbors, coworkers or others who have houses going up for sale.

  • Connecting with real estate agents

When it comes down to it, people tend not only want what they think others want (and therefore try harder), but also what they think other people think they want (and therefore try harder). If all else fails, consider hiring an agent who knows the area well—or even better: one who lives there!

Knock on doors and talk to neighbors.

You might be surprised to learn that there are ways to find out about homes before they even come on the market. And if you’re interested in buying a home, it’s important to know the ins and outs of how this works.

To start, knock on doors and talk to neighbors. It could be that they know of any homes that are not for sale or recently sold or being rented nearby your target area.

There are many ways to find homes that aren’t officially for sale

  • Look in a specific Grand Haven neighborhood. If you’re looking for a home in a particular area, any homes that are not officially on the market may still be listed with real estate agents who specialize in that neighborhood.
  • When you’re not looking for real estate, that’s when the best deals pop up. Some homeowners sell their homes before they go on the market and are willing to negotiate prices if they’re ready to move quickly. Agents specialize in off-market properties so they can help buyers find these opportunities before anyone else knows about them!
  • Make sure your agent is familiar with off-market properties. Most agents have access to multiple listing services (MLS), but some will only work with one or two because it makes their job easier and allows them to offer higher quality service since they don’t have access to everything out there. So ask your agent which MLS they use—this will ensure that all your options are available at once instead of having multiple searches running simultaneously which could lead us both down different paths!

The best deals don’t last long, so if you’re looking for a house to buy in a specific neighborhood, start searching before one pops up for sale. If you find any homes that fit the bill, make sure to contact an agent as soon as possible so they can help you secure it before someone else does! If you or someone you know has questions about off market properties, please call or text 616-550-7686, or email

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