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Buying a home can be stessful

It’s no secret that selling and buying a house is a stressful time, full of hundreds of questions along the way. Questions you would never even really think about like:

  • What if the house I’m buying doesn’t appraise for what my accepted offer was?
  • How important is it (really) that I paint the interior of the house I”m selling? 
  • What does ‘close at possession’ mean versus ‘close plus 45’?
  • How will the land be potentially developed around our new property?

All of these, and more, are exactly what the synchronized team at BP Realty expects to answer for you. Notice two things in that sentence? ‘Synchronized’ and ‘BP Realty’. 

After four years, we decided to embark on an exciting rebranding project that has officially transformed ‘Boeve Properties’ to ‘BP Realty’ and we can not wait to tell you exactly what that means HERE in a video from Howie, himself!

To sum up? The BP Realty team has always worked with their clients first and top-of-mind and while they do that, they’re working in conjunction with one another every step of the way. It’s not a ‘one man band’, it’s truly a ‘symphony’ and every note played is done with you at the forefront. 

The goal has always been to create an industry high standard that delivers professionalism and competency every from the first point of contact. We challenge our team to do the very best for clients, in short, we’ve always been ‘about (‘bout) the people’ so it just made sense to change the name to reflect the crystal clear brand image that is BP Realty. BP stands for ‘Bout the People’. 

It’s all about you. About your education, your experience, your feelings throughout the journey, are you in the best hands in the field? 

Dedicated Real Estate Specialists

At BP Realty, we have real estate specialists in each individual chair from concierge, marketing and photographers to home staging experts, specialized listing and buyers agents and so much more. Why is that a benefit to you? Because unlike other traditional real estate brokerages, which you still see today, we’re not a ‘one man band’… we’re a symphony. 

Making the decision to buy and/or sell your home is not one that comes lightly to most of us. What’s interesting though, is that in Market Magazine, they quote that 83% of your wealth could be in your home equity. When you think about the importance of that team that supports you through that process, keep your best interest in mind, why wouldn’t you want an expert in every piece of the process?

What’s even more exciting? We’re growing! We’re adding people with a like-minded sense of culture and motivation. Our team is eager to learn and constantly challenge ourselves to overcome the expectations set by others and deliver the absolute best for you, our client. As we grow, we continue to see amazing connections and relationships created with hundreds of new people each year and that is something we just can’t speak for. Our work does that for itself. We are hiring people that fully encompass the BP Brand for what it is. That it’s all about the people. It’s all about you. 

Now that you’re ‘in the know’ on the latest with us, we want to hear what’s happening with you! Have you been thinking about selling your home but don’t have the slightest idea what it’s worth? Here’s how having us out to look at the property and run a full Predictive Market Analysis (PMA) to give you the exact ballpark you should be in while discussing reasons based on the current market, comparable properties in your area, etc. 

Maybe you’re not quite ready to make the leap yet and are just looking at properties to see what’s out there? You can see all local listings HERE and sign up to receive new ones in your inbox! 

Not sure of the amount of work you have ahead of you or if you even really need to go through the process of repairs, improvements and staging? Our home staging expert will personally visit and walk you through each and every room to explain what should be a priority and how you can just move little things around to make a room more visually appealing. 

Even if you have been considering a career change, we should talk about that too. We are always looking for hard working, motivated, team-minded people that want to go further, longer and have more fun on their journey. Yes, you can do it on your own, but you will never really know until you explore your options and ask questions.

Our mission is simple. When you work with BP Realty and people ask you why, you can confidently and without hesitation say to them, “Because BP Realty is about the people. Because they raised the bar of professionalism and created a new standard that you can’t find anywhere else in West Michigan. I’d like to do business with a symphony because I can hear the difference than with a one man band.”

Ready to get in touch and start a conversation? Give us a call at (833) BP-CARES or reach out HERE and we will be in touch with you shortly!

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