5 Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Team Instead of a Single Real Estate Agent

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When most people think of “traditional” real estate, they think of the person on the park bench advertisement or listed in the local newspaper on a week-by-week basis. Rarely, do we think of the people, the team behind that person… if there is one, that is. 

The concept of a real estate team has been around for more than 30 years and BP Realty has it down to a tee. While this is a topic we could discuss all day, here are just five benefits of working with a team instead of a single agent.

1. At BP Realty, we have experts in each individual chair from the concierge, marketing, and photographers to home staging experts, specialized listing and buyers agents and so many more. Why is that a benefit to you? Because, unlike individual agents, we’re not a ‘one-man band’… we’re a symphony. Each note is perfectly executed in conjunction with the other, bringing together a harmonious melody for you, the client, from day one.  

2. Typically, when you work with a solo agent, you are calling on them to not only search for the right house but also to set the showings for you to see, to write the offer, do the negotiations, and so on. All while hosting open houses and marketing the home you are selling – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Working with a team, like at BP Realty, you have a specialist for each area previously listed. We have agents specifically for listing your home; one specifically for showing you potential houses to purchase; a specialist that handles just the paperwork, etc. Why do we do it this way? This way, we can ensure that the attention that is imperative to your transaction is done so with the most detailed eye possible. 

3. For any profession, being adequately trained and encouraged to do well is crucial to the success of not only the agent but also the client. We train our agents from the first day they embark on the journey. Our mission is to create a family that is full of like-minded, motivated people that are set out to better themselves. Like our team, there is no greater reward than helping them and clients craft and achieve the life they desire for themselves and their family; and to have the honor of a front-row seat in someone else’s success show is truly the greatest and one of the main motivators here at BP Realty.

4. We want what’s best for you. Our approach is low-pressure and starts with making sure you have all of the necessary information and resources needed to move forward in a way that is best for you. Here’s how having us out to look at your property and run a full Predictive Market Analysis (PMA) to give you the exact ballpark you should be in while discussing reasons based on the current market, comparable properties in your area, neighborhood, and community. 

5. There is always someone to talk with. When you work with a solo agent, it can be difficult to feel like you can talk to someone “above them” if need be. When you work with a team, you know that there is someone that leads and trains the team. There is an Operations department that handles concerns and client complaints in a way that works out best for the client, the agent and the overall team.

As you or someone you know is making the decision to start listing your home and making a new purchase, consider the benefits of working with a team versus an individual agent. We welcome your phone call to answer any questions you may have in the meantime. 

How happy have our other clients been?

Very. To put it simply, we have more than 400 5-star reviews. 

“Fantastic team. Howie and Drew made this buying and selling process so much more manageable and less stressful. We would recommend this team to anyone considering buying or selling. Total pros. There is a good reason why Howie sells over 50 homes a year. The guy knows real estate in West Michigan and has been helping people find and buy their dream homes for over 25 years.”  ~ Kurt Barber Hudsonville, Hudsonville, MI

“We went into the process looking for a realtor. We left the process with someone that has become a friend. Boeve Properties knows the market, knows what it takes to sell and house and how to find a house that fits a family.”  ~ Greg and Beth

“Boeve Properties was easy to deal with. They explained everything to us and kept checking with us to see that we understood what was going on. A kind-hearted and caring team.”  ~John and Debbie

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